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If you're an industrial worker who has been reading the literature for Eugene, Oregon in preparation for moving there, you might be a little apprehensive about your job prospects. The city bills itself as very outdoorsy and organic, so you would be forgiven for thinking there might not be a lot of room in the workforce for a sheet metal bender. However, though the city is indeed very beautiful, there is no shortage of industry in which a dedicated person might find a job. Here are the largest sectors.


For a long time, lumber has been Eugene's largest industry of all. The vast forests that surround the city provide ample opportunity for men with synthetic slings to climb up and cut them down. Softwood lumber and plywood are the two primary products. Some of it is shipped off elsewhere to be used, but some is also kept in Eugene to make wooden implements. Though lowered prices and the environmental movement have hurt this industry somewhat, in all likelihood this will mean more sustainable practices in the future rather than wholesale stoppage.


Since trees find Eugene such a great place to grow, it only makes sense that crops would feel the same. Second to lumber is Eugene's agriculture industry. Chickens, sheep, and cattle are raised for dairy products and meat while the protein skimmers in local factories work hard to turn crops into canned fruits and vegetables, grass seed, and other processed foods. The environmental movement has inspired some Eugene farmers to go organic, and the city is now home to the Organically Grown Company, one of the largest food distributors in the region.


If you're more familiar with machinery and suction diffusers than with things than grow from the ground, there are opportunities for you among Eugene's factories as well. The production of recreational vehicles represents the biggest chunk of this industry, thanks to the Legacy Coach Company, which makes high-end motor coaches, and Monaco Coaches, one of the city's largest employers. Other products made in Eugene include: metals, machinery, plastics, and boats.


This emerging economic sector has made its way into Eugene as well. Some technology companies focus on the research or development side of things, like Adobe and Broderbund Software, while others run factories that produce essential electronic components like crimp terminals. Some of the products produced include the semiconductors from the Hynix facility, compact discs, computer software, electronic instruments, and magnetic computer memory.

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